Monday, May 01, 2006

The World Is My Studio

It is the vastness of the desert landscape that makes a new artform seem undeniably possible. It's related to architecture and shaping space and the development of art forms that surround and become your environment. It guides the human experience within this structure which can be physical or conceptual. I realize it's my personality type that I must talk about, write about, and make art about my experiences as I have them. It's not enough to simply live an exciting life, no that would be too selfish. Experience in a vaccuum denies the interconnectivity of the human experience. The process must be documented and communicated. New York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Sydney, Los Angeles, all offer a different flavor of cultural stimulation. Koh Phangan, my favorite remote tropical island in the Gulf of Thailand, the rugged coastline of California and Baja, pristine beaches of Costa Rica and 1000 tiny islands of Panama, present a different kind of natural stimulation. Seeing the Spiral Jetty, Sun Tunnels, The Gates, The Lightning Field, inspired a wholly different kind of interaction that hovered between nature and culture. Peering into the void and finding something simple yet profound, subtle yet unexpected.

Who says artwork has to be made in a studio? As a conceptual artist, I am conceiving of artwork in my mind at all times. It's a 24/7 running machine. Thanks to cyberspace communication is possible while working remotely. Physical location is no longer relevant. Leaving town does not mean leaving the scene, but rather broadening the definition of the scene. I neither proclaim to be the pioneering first nor the trendiest latest to leave the city for the mythic southwest. What I am doing differently is documenting my own process from the city to the desert in a long road trip punctuated by art destinations, with an end goal of a small one-room cabin in Joshua Tree rented for the rest of 2006. Traveling is not abandoning the work or the studio, it's simply claiming the whole world as my studio.


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