Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Cabin in Joshua Tree

Saturday May 20, 2006 Joshua Tree

The cabin is the perfect respite.
Sounds of machining, welding, shaping metal keep me company and I know there is creative energy buzzing in our little compound.

Baby rosy boa in Isaac’s house 2 nights ago…the night Tony and I spent looking at stars, talking about changing the world.

Silvery russet rose-silver clouds stretch long on the horizon.
Sundown fades light quickly bunnies hopping searching for scraps garden hose leaking water for them to drink.
2 bunnies meet on the desert patio.
I am finding peace in knowing that they come so close to me I must be emanating love.

Feeling the elements, heat, wind, nightfall, cold.
Being present – haven’t checked email since Wed. don’t miss it.
Haven’t talked to anyone on the phone either, only being present.
Enjoying conversations in person, eye contact.
Brown bunnies fade into rosy dusk haze.


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