Thursday, June 01, 2006

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thursday may 25, 2006

Left Taos, some relief from the altitude, and am now out in Cerros Colorados waiting for Andrea, Javier’s roommate to come home one windy road over from the governor’s mansion and quite spectacular. Hillsides of extraordinary mud huts that for the color would fade into the earth, but the angular shapes distinguish them as man-made.

Salon art party with Andrea, meet Jeff and Tommy. Walking around plaza, Jeff remarks that this is the 2nd largest art market in America, and I respond, yes, but it’s a different kind of art, as we walk past a wooden assemblage of cartoon coyotes howling in the wind. We walk further into the plaza past a shop window full of ceramics and he says to me, "What about throwing pots?" I say, “I’d like to throw some pots into a Hummer’s windows.”


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